About the Journal

GIS Odyssey Journal  ISSN 2720-2682 (online), is an interdisciplinary, international, peer-reviewed and open access journal, published in the electronic version.

Publication in the journal is free of charge.

Articles are published in English only.

It provides an advanced forum for geographic information science: Cartography, Geoinformatics Systems – Information Technology, Geoinformation and Law, Cultural and Natural Heritage Management, Globalization and Social-Economic Problems, The State and Local Level Administration & Management, Ecology, Sea and Water Management, Environmental and Earth Resources Management, Spatial Information Systems in Practice, The New GIS Solutions, Agriculture and Forestry, The Integrated Europe and World – Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe, Emergency Management – Post-War and Post-Disaster Reconstruction Projects, Smart city.

It is published since 2021 year as semi-annual by the SILGIS Association (Poland) and Croatian-Polish Scientific Network (CPSN). Previously since 2016 till 2020 published as Conference proceedings (GIS Odyssey) by GIS Forum (Croatia). From 1994 till 2015 achievements of international GIS conferences based on Croatian-Polish cooperation were published in the form of books. Publications 1994-2020 are presented on the website gis.us.edu.pl

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Vol. 3 No. 2 (2023): GIS Odyssey Journal
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